About Us

Since 1950, Robinson Funeral Home has been the top funeral and cremation provider in Pennsylvania.

Mr. Odell Robinson, Jr. dedicated himself to compassionate and professional service. Families appreciate our quality workmanship and guidance through every aspect of the memorialization process.

Our beautiful Victorian funeral home sits on a large acreage of land. Upgraded with modern amenities, your family will feel comfortable and at ease in our homelike environment. For your convenience, we offer antique limousine services that can be used for funerals, weddings, proms or other special events.

Robinson Funeral Home also has a reception center called “Seasons” for funerals, small group meetings, social events or other functions. Whatever your needs, we have you covered.

At Robinson Funeral Home, our creed and belief since 1950 has been “True Sympathy Expresses Itself Through Sincere Service.” Funerals should be personalized in order to celebrate what made this person so unforgettable, so we specialize in the Celebration of Life Services.

Robinson Funeral Home is dedicated to serving all faiths, cultures and people during their most difficult moments.

After 60 years, Robinson Funeral Home is still family owned and operated. We treat your family like we would treat our own.